Management:: We are an artist and creative brand management company. We manage artist and brands. We advise and provide infrastructure and resources to optimize careers and projects in a high-speed, ever-changing world of entertainment. We build teams, strategies and foundations for creators, innovators, dreamers to optimize the many realms of the entertainment industry where fresh content, new platforms and most importantly integrity are keys to successful, long-standing careers.

Our core principles are built on the belief that the artist, the brand, the project with a direct, authentic connection to their fan-base and consumers is the foundation of success and longevity. We support our clients by listening to what their vision is and together developing a plan to reach goals in the most cutting-edge, provocative and independent manner possible. Creating campaigns and infrastructure that support the vision, smart business and financial planning. We are open source thinkers, collaborators, innovators, creators and expert strategists that connect and execute. 

Music Production & Music Supervision:: We are not simply a management company but more so family who manages. Rather, we provide advice, guidance, counseling, and other services an artist may reasonably require to further his or her career as a musician, composer or recording artist; we help develop new and different areas within which his or her artistic talents can be developed, and we work with other firms or persons who may be retained for the purpose of securing contacts, engagements or employment for our clients. 

Brand Development, Management & Research:: Breakthrough brand strategy and creative expression make all the difference for brands that are rebranding or starting out. East Brook Familia is there — from Vision and Mission and the fundamentals through all elements of identity and the tools to enroll a team and go to market, we take it from ‘idea to shelf.’ Our unique DNA of irrepressible creativity and real-world judgment enables East Brook Familia to (re)build durable, winning brands on our clients’ behalf. For big ideas at big moments.

Established brands must be nurtured if they are to activate their full potential. East Brook Familia works extensively to strengthen and support brands that have moved into more of a steady state. From helping to understand and enhance a brand’s health to major leaps forward in brand design to supporting the constant flow of decisions managers make, East Brook Familia plugs in to provide deep insight and design inspiration.

Category and customer insight underlies skillful brand development and management. East Brook Familia deploys traditional and progressive market research methodologies to generate data and then applies it to client business context. The value of research is in what one does with it — and East Brook Familia focuses on applied research as a cornerstone of client relationships.


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