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My name is H and I rap really really well. Now if most were asked to close their eyes and picture what they believed to be a “Brooklyn emcee”, I feel the theme among the crowd would be pretty consistent; poverty-stricken, a broken home, not much time spent in a classroom. Few would see a God fearing product of a two-parent home; or an MBA holding business owner. And that’s just a fraction of what makes me me. I always kept a respectful distance from corner boy robbery raps. Instead, I let a hybrid of where I grew up and what I learned in school steer my rhymes.

Blessed is an understatement when describing my jog around New York City’s music scene. I’ve grown from performing in Brooklyn beauty salons to opening Live Nation events with Lupe Fiasco, Lil Durk, Dom Kennedy, and Omen. I’ve even performed on Broadway; both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Creativity plays a major role in keeping me ahead of my peers. There aren’t many artists who’d have a four-man live band for a 4 minute set.

My birth name is Michael Scott Williams (born February 26, 1988), but you can call me H.Scott or just H. The crew I represent is EastBrookFamilia. I was born in Brooklyn and began writing at 15. By 18 I couldn’t be around friends and music without focusing everyone’s attention on my latest 16. Music has always been a significant part of me, but it wasn’t until my senior year at Hampton University that I flirted with the idea of making a career of it. Two degrees and a couple dozen stages later, here I am. Enjoy!




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